The Five Elements of a Successful Life

Before going into details about these five elements, I would like to talk about success first. What is a success? Success is a concept, which has a different meaning to a different individual. For one, it can only be money and for others, it can be helping the world. The good example of this concept is two very known personality – Bill Gates and Mother Teresa. Indeed, they both are highly successful people, but their achievements are completely different to each other.

On my journey to personal development, I have come up my own definition.

“Success is to become the person we really want to be.”

The five elements of success

However, I believe that we must not go after success, rather we must work to make our lives a success.

How do we start? This is where the five elements of a successful life come into effect. While researching about human needs, I became clear that there are few areas in our life we must work constantly to live an ultimate life. These five elements are linked to each other. If you work to improve one of the elements, you will observe the improvements in other elements as well. They are not only crucial to the success, but also for happiness. Let’s look at the five elements as listed below.

Although many of us know about last four elements, only a few know about the first and the most important one, “The Ultimate You” and that is the reason most of us struggle with other four. This element defines our characteristics such as self-esteem, confidence, goals, beliefs, happiness, relationship, paradigms and many others. If we take care of this element right, with little knowledge, we can take care of all others easily.

A successful life is built on these five elements. All successful people on this planet have the skills to manage these elements. The good news is that these skills can be learnt and anybody can learn them.

Now, let us look into these elements in detail. Please click on any of the elements above to learn in detail about it.